Rock Climbing, Trekking with emphasis on forest exploration, navigation on ground by day and night, map reading, river crossing,nature awareness camps and scientific explorations, sports climbing etc.

Sports Climbing

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Rock Climbing
If you want to feel on top of the world, then rock climbing is for you. The activity requires good body strength, stamina, and proper knowledge of various climbing technique. At the General Thimayya National Academy of Adventure, we will take you step-by-step through the basics of rock climbing and teach you different techniques and safety procedures. Once you have mastered the basics, the climb to the top will be much more stimulating.

Badami and Ramnagar are two very scenic parts of the state. The centres in those towns are well equipped for both experienced climbers and rookies.


        • Quicker decision-making
        • A great activity that can be enjoyed alone
        • Improves endurance of muscles.
        • A great way to explore different climbing routes
        • Strengthens arms, shoulders, legs, and core muscles.


Appropriate equipment is required to be completely prepared for the trek.

Trekking is long and adventurous, and you get to view nature at your own pace and take in the most of what your surroundings have to offer. The instructors will show you the different trekking paths and the choice is left to you. They will also suggest proper equipment that is a must for safety and to help you make the most of your trek.

The Ramnagar and Karwar centres have some extraordinary trekking routes, which you’ll be able to explore, by yourself or with your friends and family.


      • Provides a good opportunity to bond with friends and colleagues
      • Improves the overall health of the heart.
      • Improves concentration abilities
      • A great way to cleanse the lungs
      • A great way to explore the area and spot some wildlife


Appropriate equipment is required to be completely prepared for the trek.


Apart from the amazing views and the thrill and exhilaration of the climb, the mountaineering course gets you to reach heights. Scaling mountains requires knowledge, technique and patience, all of which will be taught to you at the General Thimayya National Academy of Adventure. Our instructors are professionals and will give you tips and tricks to make your climb one to remember.

The Badami and Ramnagar centres offer the mountaineering course, it’s one that all climbers and trekkers should take and familiarize themselves with the basics.


      • Improves blood circulation
      • Increases lung capacity
      • Provides a delightful view of nearby towns and villages
      • A great activity for team building
      • Helps develop a stronger love for nature


Appropriate equipment is required to be completely prepared for the trek.

Mountain Biking

The terrain of Karnataka is a mountain biker’s heaven. With exciting routes, clubbed with the best cycling equipment, it’ll be a ride to remember. The Gethnaa professionals will take you through the different routes that are available, but don’t be afraid to make your own.

If you’re a cycling fanatic, the Vani Vilasa centre is the place to go to, the presence of the Vani Vilasa Sagar adds to the visual experience.


      • Helps strengthen core muscles
      • Improves blood circulation
      • Great way to explore the rocky terrain of Karnataka
      • Enhances the love for the outdoors
      • A fun sport to do with family, friends or colleagues


Appropriate equipment is required to be completely prepared for the trek.

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