Golden Jubilee of India’s first climb to the summit of Mount Everest in 1965

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On the Golden Jubilee of India’s first climb to the summit of Mount Everest in 1965 we caught up with a few members of the team.

  1. What was your inspiration when you started your ascent in ’65?
    Ans. (Brigadier Mulk Raj) For us it wasn’t an adventure. We had failed in 1960 and once more after that. This time it was a mission and we had to reach the summit.
  2. What is adventure and what does it mean to you?
    Ans. (Col Chauhan) Adventure is life. It is beneficial for all especially children. It’s great for discipline, self-assurance and most of all it promotes team work.
  3. What should children these days do to try and accomplish similar things that you and the rest of your team accomplished?
    Ans. They must take part in activities they enjoy and have passion for. Everybody is good at something, the hard part is finding out what that is. Never do anything for praise and publicity. Do it for yourself.
  4. What are your views about Gethnaa and do you believe it is important to have such an organization?
    Ans. (Brigadier Mulk Raj) General Thimayya was the only chief of army staff to resign on principal. When you carry such a great name, you are bound to do great things and I believe that Gethnaa is doing a very good job in training and educating children about the environment and adventure.

    (M S Kohli) Karnataka is very lucky to have such an academy and I think that every state should initiate such organizations. Such an academy is a very positive contribution from the state as adventure is very important and can teach children and adults many things about life.


Pictures were taken at the Symposium

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